The Heart of Healthcare

Nurses play a pivotal role in bringing forth innovative change in healthcare quality and equity by addressing unmet needs through the creation and development of new devices, methods, and services for a target population. Nurses are in an excellent position to invent and evaluate new technologies because they have deep contextual knowledge and experience for care needs and are already leveraging innovative behaviors around caregiving problems daily.

For Undergraduate Students

Apply for the NursEng Innovation Fellowship for next year (2024-2025)

Applications Due April 28 th 2024

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For Nursing and Engineering Faculty

Submit a Letter of Interest for a Collaborative Senior Design Project (AY 2024-2025)

Letters of Interest due April 19 th 2024

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A Mindset to Innovate

Engineers have the technical training and appetite to make new technologies a reality but may lack domain-specific knowledge and experience. The positive impact on people and society is greatest when domain-specific needs and practical constraints guide the technology development.

Focus Areas


Two females nursing students conducting an experiment in lab

Robust, innovative and addressing real-world challenges


Male senior design student explaining his project to group of onlookers

Students dedicated to learning more about the world around them


Three students demonstrating their senior design project

Existing as a supportive environment and home for students

Tech Transfer

Group of people in back of box truck posing with a do it yourself air filter

Facilitating, and expediting the transformation of UConn